Support our members in their struggle for their rights and a solidary city!

With your donations you support Project Shelter and turn the corner e.V., who have been working together for many years for a solidary city. The donations are used to finance for example lawyer’s fees, rent subsidies, school fees, monthly tickets for public transport and the support position for finding sleeping places. You can easily donate via Paypal, credit card, direct debit, etc. and even gift your donation and deduct it from your taxes. With your help we can fight against racism and exploitation and for a self-managed center and a more solidary Frankfurt!

Since turn the corner e.V. is a non-profit organization, you can deduct your donations from your taxes. After your donation, we offer you the possibility to request a donation receipt and to provide your contact details.

Project Shelter has been fighting against racist exploitation and homelessness and for a self-managed center in Frankfurt for 8 years. Turn the corner supports Project Shelter and finances, among other things, a position that coordinates the search for a place to sleep and assistance with problems with the authorities. Together, the two projects also raise awareness of racist and exploitative conditions through political education.